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Happy Easter - since this is a Buddhist country, they do not celebrate Easter.
Finally got all our packages last night and all was as ordered. I have to say that the gratitude people show when you buy something makes me feel like my shopping is a completely selfless act..tee hee hee. It is as though buying boots was a gift to the people of Hoi An. Let's go with that hey? I was thinking how honest and trusting people are. I paid for my boots up front but they still arrived. I gave a lady $15 as a down payment to make me something and she came as promised and I paid the balance. So cool.

My friend the rooster had me up again at 5 am. But I don't seem to need any sleep over here. I am like the energizer bunny. Isaac woke at 7:30 and immediately said " St. Paul's Intermediate calling, please hold or press one". He is so funny. He has no idea why he thought of that. It is the start of the message on the automatic phone messages from his school. His guts were a little off this morning but he has been fine since. That is the first sign of any tummy troubles we've had which is a shocker. All six of us took the traveller's diarrhea vaccine so perhaps that works. He has been perfect ever since.

The Easter bunny came to Vietnam. Sharon had Easter bags all done up for the kids and a bag of nougat for me. She remembered I liked it in Costa Rica. So sweet!

We left for the airport at 9:30 this morning and arrived safely in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) via Jetstar airways at 12:30 pm (1 hour flight). Our bags are slightly heavier! Instead of coming to our hotel we decided to go right to the water park. That was an activity planned for tomorrow morning but we decided to do a full day optional tour down the Mekong River tomorrow.

The water park was the same as one in Florida only there were thousand of Asians and us. So, if you want to feel completely naked and huge. This is the place to come! A few locals asked to have their picture taken with Kajal and Isaac. I have to email the pictures tonight. They are both like a tourist attraction. Isaac with his height and Kajal with her round pink face. The kids had a good afternoon.


We are just settled into our hotel and had supper. We are all too tired to go exploring. Lorna is getting up early to see if she can find her old apartment. She did a law work term here 18 years and we are staying in the same neighbourhood. Saigon is much like any big city - no pedal bikes, no chickens in the street, more commercial that the other two places we visited.

Since I don't have any great tales to tell, I thought I share a piece out of an article I read on the plane today. I ripped it out because it was so entertaining. The article was called 9 Worst 'couple" foods. About foods you should never eat together. Number one was:

1.HONEY -TOFU - Tofu often has plaster and honey has sugar. If these two ingredients meet each other, then there will be precipitated, balled up in the stomach, make eater oppressive, hard to breath and then faint. Especially if the victim has heart disease, he/she will die faster.

You can see food combinations are serious. Too funny. Fresh fish and alcohol is a no no and did you know if you drink tea when you are drunk, you get drunker?

Here's a few things I love about Vietnam:

1. The kids - the beautiful faces and the awe when they look at us big white people!
2. Being a millionaire. $50 = 1, 000, 000 dong. I am throwing around 100, 000 bills ($5) like crazy!
3. Eating at beautiful restaurants, and feeding us both for about $20- $25. That's sharing an appetizer and me having a cocktail and Isaac fresh fruit juice.
4. The bananas and the Mangosteens, our new favorite fruit.
5. The fact that I barely notice the chickens and ducks in the streets any more.It is my new normal.
6. The silhouette of the Vietnamese people with their cone hats.

That's just a few. Off to sleep for me. Expecting a great day tomorrow.

Shelley and Isaac

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