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August 2014



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It is almost a cliché. Finding the beauty in your own backyard that is. I am posting today while choking down a bit of crow. I am admittedly a wanna-be mainlander who often complains about my place of residence but one who just experienced a fantastic day in Bonavista and Ellison, Newfoundland, just 2.5 hours from home. To be honest, watching the whales and puffins were on par with seeing the animals in Africa.

Having seen some incredible picture of Puffins by one of the members of my photo club I felt compelled to go out in search of these beautiful birds. Fortunately I have a friend who is always up for an adventure and she just happens to own a beautiful Nissan convertible and loves to drive. I love being a passenger. Thanks Debbie. It didn’t hurt that it was yet another beautiful hot sunny day in the string of unprecedented terrific weather this summer. Newfoundland always looks best under the sun.

Our journey took us on a picturesque ride along the coast to Bonavista. We arrived and decided to check and see if the recommended restaurant was really closed on Mondays and while it was, it was no disappointment since it took us down a road that served as the viewing grounds for a spectacular show by the humpback and fin whales. The humpbacks were jumping out of the water and at one point two shot straight up and seemingly crossed and splashed back into the water. Another waved his tail for 20+ consecutive waves. I didn’t take any pictures because they were really too far away to do justice but I certainly enjoyed the show.

From there it was lunch outside at the Dairy King restaurant. While slow, the food was tasty and we were overlooking the water where there were a few more whales and plenty of sailboats.

Next stop was Elliston Point, home of the puffins. I have seen this little bird before but only from afar. They were amazing. Thousand of them whipping by just overhead and a couple who were close enough to pose for a picture. Sadly, all four of my camera batteries quickly depleted not allowing me to autofocus and I missed the best shots switching to manual focus. An obvious issue with the charger I used last night. Ugh! However I could not be the least bit mad because it was just spectacular and I am sure I will return to try again.

I figure since I share so many of my stories from around the globe, I should offer up this adventure so other might consider the same. I should add that there were next to no people around although we met a nice couple from Ontario who proclaimed Newfoundland to be the most beautiful place on earth and somewhere they might retire and another lady who from Michigan who says when her daughter has finished school, she is moving here. While I appreciate their enthusiasm, I did suggest that they may want to return in February to be sure before making the commitment.

Here is a taste of the beauty in my backyard.


And me and Debbie enjoying it.


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