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I have enjoyed a nice afternoon in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was just like in the fairy tales so thought I would share a few pictures. I am opting out of writing much because it has been a long day. My flight on B777-300 was about the worst I have ever had. It was so cramped, the seats barely reclined and it was only 6 hours. I have become accustomed to longer flghts where I can wind down watching a movie, enjoy the in flight food and still have time for a long nap. Last night, not so much. I would say I got two hours tops. In any case, it was short and by the time I navigated Heathrow, my flight to Scotland was ready to board. I arrived around noon and decided to push on, skipping a nap, and to try and get on my new schedule which is 6 hours later than Montreal where I had been working for the last week.

I took a bus from the airport that literally stopped across the street from my hotel right beside the train station where I wll be departing from tommorrow.

After having a lovely cappacino and breakfast which included haggis (the black thing), I decided to get my bearings with a hop on hop off bus tour. It was great but I almost dozed a couple time so i figured I better get out in the fresh air and walk. It was about 15 degrees today and mostly bright with two small rain showers.


I started by going to a graveyard that looked pretty neat.


I then walked the Royal Mile and took it all that was happening around me. It was a really nice day in a really nice city and I am looking forward to seeing the castle tomorrow.


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