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sunny 32 °C



We have had the most wonderful day with perfect weather. There were three options for the day. Two were cave climbing excursions and the third, the more leisurely, was a cave tubing tour. We went with option three which meant we didn’t have to be ready until 10:30 am. This gave us time to have a leisurely breakfast although we are seriously missing the Guatemalan coffee. We decided to walk back down to the market and to the river where we swam yesterday so we could take a couple of snaps.


It was close to 11 am before we headed off on our 1 hour drive to the Cave Branch River. Our day of tubing started with 45 minute hike in beautiful jungle, crossing the river and into some small limestone caves.


From there we hopped into our inner tubes and basically floated with headlamps into two large caves. It took about 3 hours to get down the river and over two hours of that was in the dark. It was so much fun. There were a few shallow spots that required us to bring our "butts up" but otherwise was relaxing, peaceful and a welcome break from the high humid temperatures.

There are few words that captures what these pictures show. I took the risk of taking my camera in a dry bag and periodically, using one hand to grab a few shots as we bobbed and spun around.


I even managed a selfie, although I clearly lack the skills of my travel companion Gayle who has mastered the art.


The day ended at about 5:30, just in time to get back to the hotel for the happy hour drink of the day, “Panty Rippers” which ironically is made from my favourite liquor, coconut rum. Did I mention the poster in the door of the hotel from lobby that lists why beer is better than woman? Political correctness has not yet arrived in San Ignascio.


We have really enjoyed the relaxed vibe here in this town and this evening we enjoyed a great meal down town while being serenaded by the town piper. We also met a few other colourful characters along the way including our cabbie who assured us the men are best in Belize.


We are headed out on the local bus at 7 am tomorrow. That aught to make for a good tale tomorrow.

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sunny 30 °C

With a much shorter journey on our plate, we were able to sleep in a little, relax, drink the wonderful Guatemalan coffee and explore the island of Flores. We both woke shortly after seven and took our time having breakfast overlooking the waterfront. There is nothing nicer that sitting outside on a beautiful day, overlooking the water and drinking perfect coffee. We then headed off for a walk around the very small colourful island. The architecture is almost like Antigua but on steroids. Sadly, it is slowing sinking and some roads were impassable. It was incredibly hot and humid so we decide to hire one of the little boats and drivers to take us around the island by water. It was really lovely and relaxing.


At 10 am we met in the lobby and headed out for our two hour drive to the Belize border. The crossing was pretty simple since our guides took all our passports in for our Guatemalan exits stamps and then we simply walked across into Belize. I think that is a first….walking across a border.


Welcome to beautiful Belize! It might sound a little crazy but things felt instantly different here. A slight breeze came up, keeping me cool and not so disgustingly sweaty, and even on our short 20 minute drive to our hotel in San Ignacio, the landscape seemed different. I know I shouldn’t judge too quickly and perhaps it is just this town but it seems a little less developed here which came as a bit of a surprise. Maybe the bigger surprise was the Guatemala was more developed than expected. Our guide has told us that Belize is very relaxed. That was also immediately evident when our ride from the border was a little late and when this bus pulled up with a true dude who reminded us to relax a few times.


What was there to worry about? We had perfect transportation riding in luxury with reminders to “buckle up” even if there were no seat belts on board.


After grabbing some lunch we watched a presentation on the options for tomorrow and settled on a plan. Once everyone was sorted out, most of us took taxis into the town to swim in the river. The weather was perfect today. Warm and breezy. Still it was refreshing to swim in such a beautiful environment. Sadly there are no pictures because we were afraid of leaving cameras on the shore. I really wanted my camera in the local fruit and vegetable market because it was so colourful. We may have time to go back tomorrow.

It was a really nice and relaxing day and after some time to chill we went to the hotel restaurant for drinks and dinner. There maybe one thing nicer than coffee in the morning. I think drinking the best mojitos EVER while a warm breeze blows on you might win the prize.

Our hotel


Oh, and they speak English here although I find myself trying to insert a scattered Spanish word here and there and use my best travel sign language even when communicating in my mother tongue,

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